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Get ready to kickstart your summer fitness goals with our Summer Ready 6 Week Challenge, designed specifically for ladies 40 and up! This program is perfect for breaking bad habits and adopting healthier ones just in time for summer.  Participate in a tailored workout program and nutrition plan to help you achieve your best summer body yet. With a supportive Facebook community of like-minded women, you'll stay motivated and accountable throughout the entire challenge. Don't miss out on the opportunity to feel strong, fit, and confident this summer - join our Summer Ready 6 Week Challenge today!


*After signing up, participants will receive the welcome email, challenge guide and link to download the fitness and food apps within 24-36 hours of registering.

Summer Ready 6 Week Challenge

  • Challenge Includes:

    • Challenge Guide and Checklist
    • Access to the Denise Bryers Fitness and Food Apps
    • 7 Days of workout and cardio assigned by me on the app
    • 7 Day Meal Plan with Foods to Avoid List and Foods to Enjoy List
    • On demand workout video tutorials
    • Weekly Coaching to Stay on Track
    • Access to the Denise Bryers Facebook Community
    • The opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner

    Two winners will receive:

    • Two months free online or in person group training sessions (Value $320-400).
    • Fit Goddess Official Gift Box of Apparel and Workout Essentials (Value $200)
    • Free Entry to the "Hotter in July" Summer Challenge (Value $79)
  • All sales are final policy: All challenge bookings are made online and are non refundable. Challenges are non-transferable unless purchased for another individual.

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