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100 lbs down - Chelsea's Journey

She's lost 100 lbs since August 2019! I had to share this because her drive, determination, and overall spirit during this journey has been amazing. Congratulations Chelsea O'Neal! This is major!

In her words:

Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up! Officially 100lbs , WOW!

My starting weight was 268lbs on July 2019. Not pictured because it wasn’t worth celebrating, lol and yesterday I weighed in at 167.8lbs! Rewinding Back, I told myself if I could lose 10lbs on my own after a year of (yo yo) dieting, I’d reward myself by joining Denise Bryers Fitness Community August 2019. At that time my only thinking was, I’d know I wouldn’t be wasting my money because having lost the first 10lbs I’d know I was serious. Lol

Little did I know how much my life would transform under her training, meal plans, just being more than a fitness trainer but a life coach. She’d preach on self love and self care and prioritizing your health and prayer and sometimes we’d even lift or strength train to sermons! My mentality towards my health was developed under her training which was priceless in and of itself!

I don’t think I would have been a first time mom of a then 18 month old toddler and went as hard as I did if it wasn’t for her not just believing in me , but coaching me through the process! I lost progressively between 75-80lbs the first day I stepped on that gym floor in Woodlawn!

Now, I’m just this Happily Radical Health and Wellness Spirit-filled burst of energy bouncing around all over Cincinnati completing workouts, participating in challenges and having fun! It’s truly been my lifestyle which I prayed for because it just feels so good!"


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