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I'll start from today...


There are days I wake up and say...this can't be my life. Up at 3:30AM without the need of an alarm clock. Out the door by 4:30AM. Teaching class at 5:00AM, then at 6:00AM. Training clients throughout the day til 8:00PM, home, then the cycle begins again the next day. Then there are days where I feel extremely blessed to own my own business because I dictate how I order my day, who I choose to interact with, and who I surround myself with. I don't punch a clock. I get to dress how I like and I love the blessings that unfold as a result. WELCOME TO MY PERSONAL WEBSITE! Years in the making, I'm so happy to have created the platform that gives you a peak into my life as a personal trainer, business owner, lifestyle analyst, mom, and so much more. Welcome to Denise Bryers, Body, Mind and Soul.


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