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I'm so excited to now be able to offer my love for fitness and nutrition online! I've added four items to begin with, but more products and services are on the way!


New Workout

Leg day workout
w/video tutorial

This Leg Day Workout is designed with Beginners/Intermediate Fitness Levels in mind. The entire workout can be completed in 1-1.5 hours and is effective for those looking to lose weight, burn body fat, and build nice lean muscle. We recommended you get the approval from your physician before starting any fitness or exercise routine. For more tone and shapely legs!

$25 plus tax

New Program

online coaching program

Get amazing results in 90 days with this hands on fitness program developed by Denise Bryers. Denise's new online approach to fitness coaching and training will provide participants with meal plans, intake monitoring and modifications where needed; challenging and effective training and cardio workouts for home or gym; weekly accountability check-ins with photos and weigh ins; unlimited access via text or email (facetime when required), access to an online portal with exercise demonstrations and more. Programs are designed based on clients specific needs. Makes a great gift or investment in self!

$249 plus tax

Best Seller

guide to food and fitness

This guide is the first step into looking at food in a whole new light! I’m not asking you to go out and eat like a bird…adequate calorie consumption is important as well. I’m asking you to try a new way of looking at what you consume, how you consume it, and how you incorporate it into your life for the rest of your days on this earth. If you were looking for a quick fix diet…sorry! I can’t help you there. But what I will do is provide you with basic meal plan, a list of great foods to enjoy, and suggest all natural supplements to keep you well fueled for great exercise and results. Get your eating habits back on track with this amazing guide!

$10 plus tax

Lose 5-7lbs

seven day detox

A Seven Day Detox is recommended to get you off to a good start. This detox meal plan will help your body get rid of stored waste and bloat. This will also help jump start your metabolism and prime the body for receiving quality nutrition. It’s a good rule to follow a detox program every 6 to 8 weeks. If you experience hunger, eat more of the vegetables and fruit as recommended. Please be mindful that your caloric intake during this 7 day plan may be lower than normal; we recommend that you continue to exercise; however, try not to overexert yourself. If you are on a strength training regimen, you may want to consider adding a plant based protein drink to your mid-morning and afternoon snack. Detox the body, mind and soul with this 7 day plan with food!

$7 plus tax

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!



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