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Claiming my health

In her words…”The devil will not claim my health!"

Remember Anetria Collins? The one who lost 9lbs her first week? It’s almost been a year and Anetria is over 60lbs down, demolished pounds of body fat and gained not only lean mass, she gained increased confidence and a greater and healthier outlook on life.

Her reason for starting personal training was to avoid going under the knife for a second time. Her doctor told her to avoid heart surgery, she had to lose weight. On her follow up visit, her doctor didn’t even recognize her. How’s that for results. She took charge and changed the trajectory of her life. Her extended goal is to become a fitness professional and help change the lives of people where she lives, Salisbury, North Carolina.

Exactly 50 minutes away from my studio in Charlotte. This woman would travel the distance every time we trained. Anetria, I am so impressed by you and I cannot wait to help you reach your next goal! From day one I told you YOU GOT THIS SUS! Congratulations girl!


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