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Hotter in July

30 Day Challenge

Join me for the Hotter in July 30 Day Challenge, designed specifically for ladies 40 and up! This program is perfect for breaking bad habits, staying on track with your fitness goals or adopting healthier ones during the month of July.  Participate in a tailored workout program and nutrition plan to help you achieve your best summer body yet. With a supportive Facebook community of like-minded women, you'll stay motivated and accountable throughout the entire challenge. Don't miss out on the opportunity to feel strong, fit, confident and lose up to 10lbs this summer - join our Hotter in July 30 Day Challenge today!

What's Included:​​​

  • Challenge Guide and Checklist

  • Access to the Denise Bryers Fitness Food Apps 

  • Workout and cardio assigned by me on the app

  • Midpoint 1:1 coaching call

  • Meal Plan w/ Foods to Avoid and Foods to Enjoy Lists

  • Access to the Denise Bryers Facebook Community

  • The opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner

One winner will receive:

  • One month free online group training sessions (Value $159).

  • Fit Goddess Official Gift Box of Apparel and Workout Essentials (Value $200)

  • Free entry to the Summer Detox Challenge (Value $79)

Hotter in July Challenge.png
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