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Denise Bryers standing and smiling in the kitchen with a healthy salad and protein shake in front of her.
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Results-focused Training with an Award-winning Fitness Pioneer

Denise Bryers smiling as she sits at a table, writing in her journal with a pen. The image captures a moment of reflection.

Over 12 Years as a Fitness, Health and Wellness Professional

Trained and Coached Women Across the United States

Former Fitness Contributor of Fox 19 News and Radio One Affiliate Station


i am denise

Certified Personal Trainer + Weightloss and Mindset Coach for Women

I'm also a Mom, Wife, Award-Winning Personal Trainer with 15 years of Experience


As a personal trainer, I have assisted hundreds of women on a local level to achieve their desired physical, mental and emotional transformations. My expertise in strength training, meal planning, affirmations, and my unwavering faith in God have been instrumental in my clients' successes. I am now looking to expand my brand and assist women nationwide in altering the course of their lives from the inside out. My ultimate goal is to empower women to continue their journey with renewed strength, confidence, and spirituality.

my story

I fell in love with fitness at a young age.  I would design workouts for myself so that I can get in shape during the summer before going back to school.  I understood but couldn't articulate how working out and working on myself boosted my self confidence and self esteem.  I wasn't athletic as a child, in fact I was "big boned" as adults would say to describe a girl who carried a little more weight than what society deemed as normal for a girl my age.  I despised when they used terms like that... Fast forward to my thirties where I experienced the most weight gain.

I was a single mom of three children between the ages of 8 and 12, working two jobs, attending evening college courses, and I had just purchased my first home. Fitness was low on my list of priorities, I didn't cook because I was busy adulting, and as a result our diets were horrible.  This was no way to live.  Between managing the stress of life, a toxic relationship, and the pressures of being a mom, life got out of hand. It wasn't until my daughter expressed she wanted to lose weight and workout, that I decided to get up and make a change.

Watching my daughter eat healthy, work out, and lose weight inspired me to get my life together once and for all.


In 2008, we joined a local gym. After losing close to 40 lbs, I swore I would never go back. In 2011, I certified to become a personal trainer and the first black female trainer to ever work at the same gym where my fitness journey started. I helped my very first personal training client lose over 85 lbs in 7 months. 

Denise Bryers standing in the kitchen while smile and wearing a black shirt.
An old photo of Denise Bryers before her weight loss transformation
A photo collage of Denise Bryers before and after her weight loss transformation

As I would look around the gym at that time, all I saw was  men weight lifting on the gym floor. The women who came to the gym would only do cardio or dance fitness classes. Many women, in general, believed that lifting weights would bulk their bodies and make them look like men. I wanted to dispel the myth. I wanted to empower women in my community to strength train and eat right to lose weight and build a healthier lifestyle. That's when I started Bootcamp Cincinnati in February 2012. I started with five people -- three women and two men. After the word spread about my bootcamp, the following year my class grew from five to 20 people. As time went on, my classes would reach an attendance of over 80 people per session with over 90% black women.


I've been told fitness is my anointing. I believe that helping women live a healthier life is my purpose. I am more than a personal trainer, I am someone that women can identify with because of my journey. I've helped hundreds of women lose weight, adopt healthier lifestyles and change their lives through fitness. I took my love for fitness to competing in bodybuilding competitions from 2013 to 2015. I won several trophies during that three year span and have helped several women do the same. Altogether resulting in over 20 trophies and 4 first place. My love for fitness has brought me the opportunity to spread my message on television as a fitness expert on FOX19 News in Cincinnati twice a month for two years.


My love for fitness has me operating out of my third fitness studio and has blessed me with the opportunity to train women across the country to further spread my love for health and wellness. My journey is one of breakthrough and overcoming considering the things along my path set up to make me fail. I am a survivor of childhood trauma, domestic violence, low self-esteem, obesity, poverty, teen pregnancy, and homelessness. I want to show women that we are not defined by our pain or our past and that health and healing go hand in hand. This is my why.

Life can be frustrating to navigate, but you can overcome it all - the weight gain, depression, hurt, and low self-esteem. I’ve been through it, too.

why you should join

I am committed to helping women like you...

While trying to navigate life, I've made unhealthy, impulsive decisions, mishandled conflicts, ended close relationships, and was unhappy with myself. I put my health and wellness on the back burner, not knowing that it was a direct connection to my struggles. I realized there had to be more to life and that I needed to completely revamp my mindset and focus on my overall health and wellness to enable me to heal and have positive results in life. Then the game changed... and it can change for you, too!

now booking


Topics I Can Deliver Impactful Insight and Messages to Inspire Audiences include:

Pathways to Health and Healing

Navigating Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of a Black Woman Founder and CEO

How to Master Your Mindset to Level Up Your Life

Denise Bryers posing with her hands on her hips, portraying confidence and strength.
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